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Meditation Robotics

[cl_column width="2/3" css_style="padding-top:0px"] Photo : Calypso Mahieu The Meditation Robotics research project investigated how to define to what extend a user could be able to interact with an interface during a multimodal meditative experience. In this context, it aimed to specify the most suitable medium and type of interface according to the meditation expertise of the user, as well as other factors such as age or technologic ease. A multimodal device should adapt to user’s sensations and feelings, furthermore in the specific context of meditation where the user is in a distinctive state that must avoid any unnecessary distraction. Photo : Calypso Mahieu The project ran in two phases. In Phase 1, I developed and tested several user scenarios with various fidelities of user interface prototypes, both digital and analogical. During the second phase, I developed a smartphone application based on the first learnings, combining pragmatic and hedonic scenarios. In order to evaluate both user interface (UI) and user experience [...]
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