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Time Per Beats

[cl_column width="2/3" css_style="padding-top:0px"] Photo : EPFL+ECAL Lab Time flow is supposed to be constant, it is a measure. Every second, minute and hour has more or less the same duration on the time scale. However it is also relative, depending on the space for example, and personal. Everyone experiences time differently; time will seem longer during a boring experience, while shorter during an exiting one. Through its representation (watch, clock, …) time flows with the same immuable and impassive speed, without taking account our personal and daily experience of its flow. Time Per Beats aims to represent time as perceived by the user, not its conventional flow. Photo : EPFL+ECAL Lab Connected to an Apple watch, Time Per Beats receive user’s bio datas, such as heart rate, and uses them to calculate the clock hand’s advance. Thereby, when the user experienced an exiting day, the clock hand final position will be more advanced than if it was a boring day [...]
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