Photo : HEAD – Genève

Democrapcy is a satirical board game that parodies the contemporary democratic system and explores the role that citizens play in the construction of the common welfare. The mechanics of the game combine elements of collaboration and competition that force players to cooperate through individualism while voting, nullifying or imposing the rules that govern the game.

Designed for the Chancellerie d’État – République et canton de Genève as a playful-educational tool to raise awareness among young voters about their responsibility in preserving democracy.

Photo : HEAD – Genève


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Made at

HEAD – Genève

Made with

Mélissa Pisler

Israel Viadest


GSGS – Neuchâtel, CH

Milano Design Week – Milano, CH

Indie Cade Europe – Paris, FR

Graphik – Zurich, CH

Semaine de la Démocratie – Genève, CH

Festival International des Jeux – Cannes, FR

LIFT – Genève, CH

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