Ilex is an interactive installation that took place on Lancy’s skate park in December 2018.

Ilex is a tree order with more than 400 species. The best known is the holly, recognizable with its red fruits and its evergreen all year long, symbol of the winter festivals. Our installation aims to represent in projection this tree that stays green during the winter, which symbolize the persistence of life during the cold season.

This installation takes place around the tree that is in the center of the square. We imagined a dialogue between this tree and the inhabitants of the neighborhood by imagining a structure that would envelop the tree with large strips on which a projection influenced by the proximity of people would take place.



Yoann Douillet
Patrick Donaldson +
Vincent de Vevey +

Exhibitions & Festivals

Lancy en Lumières
2018 Lancy, Switzerland

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