An interface between you and future generations

Informations, traces and memories are distorted, lost over the years, leaving only a vague and superficial representation of our ancestors. Heritage is a time capsule that allows you to directly transmit personal, both digital and analogic, information to your descendant. It is a fictive project about how we could create a link with those that won’t meet us and how to bequeath them something personal.

The project consist of a ceramic book you can fill with analogic object you care about, and digital informations (bio, photos, videos, stories about the analogic objects…) that represent you. The book mark is the intermediary between contemporary technology and the book, for example, on our days, it will be connected to the book with 4 connectors (like a USB type B) and to a smartphone through bluetooth.

The book is the object that suppose to resist through time, it is thus made of durable materials (ceramic and glass). The book mark, per contra, is suppose to change in order to follow the technological evolutions, only the 4 connectors won’t change.



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